Meet Sagi Bakshi, CEO of Coinmama

April 12, 2022
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Sagi Bakshi, CEO of Coinmama
Sagi Bakshi, CEO of Coinmama

Sagi Bakshi has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry and a strong background in telecom, ad-tech, and blockchain.

Sagi Bakshi joins Coinmama as CEO of tech unicorn IronSource.

Their IPO was recently announced with an estimated value of $11B. Sagi was part of the IronSource founding team.

He served as the General Manager for the company’s largest division from 2011-to 2018.

Sagi is a long-time crypto enthusiast involved in the Ethereum DAO token sales.

He now brings his knowledge to Coinmama to help lead the financial revolution.

Coinmama: Where did it all come from?

Laurence Newman, the co-founder of Coinmama, tried to buy bitcoins in 2013.

He was frustrated and wished there had been a more straightforward way.

This has been possible by prioritizing education and user experience over everything else.

It seems to be working as we now have 2,600,000—users in 188 countries.

How do you stay productive?

My three children and I get up at 6 am to spend time together, make breakfast, pack lunches, and walk them to school.

If I have the time, I will enjoy coffee with my wife in a cafe or go for a walk or run to the beach.

I am always there at 9:00 am. My schedule should be flexible and open to change to be more accessible to my team.

Meetings are an inevitable evil, so we try to limit them for both the couple and their attendees.

​How do you bring ideas to life?​

If the idea is something I love and believe in, I will verbally communicate it to my wife, friends, or colleagues.

It is essential to speak your thoughts out loud.

You can discover new possibilities by articulating your idea and gaining insight from others’ reactions.

You must be accountable for what you promise to do.

Nothing is better than your integrity to motivate you to get things done.

What’s your favorite trend?

The enthusiasm for bitcoin and cryptocurrency is growing all over the world.

This shift is as significant as the internet and mobile phone revolutions, and I am excited about its potential to transform the world’s financial system.

​What habits make you productive?

My inbox is kept as clean as possible. I limit it to 20 emails.

I delegate a lot. I trust my executive team and try to hire C-level managers who are smarter than me.

What’s your advice for the Noob?

Most wars can be avoided and are redundant. Don’t participate.

This is true for interpersonal conflicts as well.

Good communication can quickly avert many battles (and even wars).

What is one thing we can all agree on?

Because bitcoin will become a primary global currency in 10 years, every human being should have it.

​What do you recommend as an entrepreneur?

Read a lot! I read professional publications and news articles several hours per day.

Podcasts are great too. Podcasts are also great.

What’s your rich strategy?

Perseverance. Keep going even when you are going through hell.

Although it is difficult to achieve success, you should not stop moving forward if you believe in your work and are passionate about it.

Coinmama believes in bitcoin and does what it does because of that belief.

While there were some bumps in the road, we persevered and are now enjoying the benefits of our efforts and that conviction.

How do you overcome Failure?

I made a mistake in one attempt. The company was supposed to be built.

But the partner I chose was not correct.

I waited for his second dishonesty to pass before realizing my error and ending the partnership.

I lost money and all my hopes. It was the right decision.

Your partner is the most important business decision you will make.

​Can you share a business idea?​

You can sell anything for bitcoin if you find a way.

You’ll make a lot of money if you can save some bitcoin income and not have to convert it to USD.

What’s your recent best buy? ​

Spend $100 on bitcoin, and you get the best use of your money.

Buy it if you want something nice. You can put off consumerism and invest in your future.

Instead, it would help if you converted your dollars to bitcoin as soon as possible.

What are your favorite Softwares or Apps?

It’s Whatsapp, even though it hurts to admit it. #2 is YouTube. This is where I learn.

Which book would you recommend?

Eric Schmidt, ” Google Works.” His journey through this mammoth is filled with great tips.

​What’s your favorite quote?​

“Hard times make strong men, strong people create good times, weak men create difficult times, and weak men create difficult times,”

G. Michael Hopf

TL;DR by Sagi Bakshi

To be more accessible to your team, keep your schedule open and avoid getting caught up in unnecessary meetings.

To learn from the reactions of others, speak out loud.

The most important decision an entrepreneur will make is to choose a business partner.

Be firm in your convictions and stick to them

Bitcoin is the future, so get some!


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