Meet Erica Bishaf Founder of CampfireSocial

April 6, 2022
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Erica Bishaf Founder of CampfireSocial
Erica Bishaf Founder of CampfireSocial

CampfireSocial was founded by Erica Bishaf (tech entrepreneur), a 20-year market intelligence and strategy veteran.

It is an e-commerce and social network that is white-labeled.

This platform provides organizations with a new way of staying connected to their industry and further extends their brand.

CampfireSocial’s social listening algorithms and business intelligence data seamlessly give your company the latest trends in your industry.

It also enhances existing customer profiles to enable more personalizedization.

This platform offers monetization opportunities that are unparalleled by any other digital tool.

To learn more about CampfireSocial, visit www.campfiresocialagency.com.

What is the story of CampfireSocial?

CampfireSocial was born from Pet Gotcha Day, a tech company that helps pet owners find homes.

I wanted to create a market network that connected entities that support pet ownership, such as rescues, vets and trainers, manufacturers, trainers, and others.

It made sense to have this infrastructure owned by the pet industry associations to bring together such a large audience.

While working with trade and professional associations, I realized the need for the same infrastructure in various industries.

Trade verticals sought ways to modernize their membership and find non-dues revenue streams.

These were the needs I saw in this platform, and I decided to expand its reach beyond the pet industry to meet them.

How do you stay productive?

Wow, my typical day includes a lot of different things.

My day includes meetings with my team, consulting with my development team on the progress of our innovation roadmap (we are always looking to improve the product to satisfy the needs of customers, and customer feedback drives our roadmap), participating in sales calls, checking in with existing customers, and, since we are currently in growth mode, I also have a hand in Finance, HR, and Marketing.

The days are full. My days are busy. I still find time to cuddle with Piper, my Great Dane, and watch home renovation shows with my daughter.

My days are productive because I plan, organize, and partner with my talented team, who is always willing to get in the action.

​How do you bring ideas to life?​

These ideas are discussed with our development team.

I also discuss logistics and workflows with them.

Finally, I vet them with our customer base.

Although ideas are great, they only become great when they fit seamlessly into our customers’ workflows and solve their problems.

A mentor told me that it was the best way to bring my idea to life by writing down our plans on a giant whiteboard.

I took his advice seriously and purchased the enormous whiteboard that I could fit in my home.

It’s parked in my dining area, measuring 7 1/2 x 4 ft.

It’s almost like art. Once the ideas are formalized, they go on to the whiteboard.

These ideas can be written somewhere visible to keep everyone accountable and organized.

Every day I enjoy seeing my pictures. You can make an idea your life and take responsibility for seeing it through.

What’s your favorite trend?

Trade verticals create a real omnichannel presence.

Associations are more habitual and tend to place much importance on their trade events.

There are many options available for industry professionals, so it is essential to build your brand.

CampfireSocial is a platform that allows brands to increase their presence and provide a consistent experience for their members during trade events and throughout the year.

​What habits make you productive?

Although I don’t know if it is a trait or a habit, I find myself laser-focused.

I am focused on the goal and don’t let it get in the way. (Thank you, giant whiteboard!) My customers and CampfireSocial are always on my mind.

While I might be reading an article, listening to a Clubhouse talk, or podcast, I’m also reflecting on how I can improve our products, processes, and customer experience.

Listening to a podcast about social psychology was a great way to know the speaker.

I reached out via LinkedIn to her and had a consultation in which she offered invaluable advice for our platform.

What’s your advice for the Noob?

Leap…Now…Seriously, could you do it? Although I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I never knew how to do it.

For me, having job security and a good salary was important.

My problem was that my brain kept attracting entrepreneurial ideas.

While I had solid ideas that I would explore, and I would get distracted by thoughts about how to raise money or market my business, I could not stop thinking about the entrepreneurial possibilities.

I didn’t know where to start and had no mentors.

It is easy to see that you can figure it out if you dive in and do what you want.

My favorite quote is from Susan B. Anthony’s Failure is Impossible. It’s true.

It is possible to figure it out if you put in the effort.

To finally say that I’m ready for the leap today, it took 20 years in corporate work and 20 years of being untrue to myself. It’s better to be late than never.

What is one thing we can all agree on?

This will get me some flack, but I didn’t see any special about Hamilton and the Book of Mormon!

​What do you recommend as an entrepreneur?

Find a mentor. Each mentor serves a different purpose in my professional life.

They all share one thing. They are my cheerleaders. They are my cheerleaders.

While the advice is valuable, acting as a compass can be more beneficial.

It would help if you found someone with whom you can trust and be honest.

Mentors should be able to validate your ideas and provide thought-provoking suggestions to help you think differently.

Good mentors will let you come to their office and share a meal.

What’s your rich strategy?

I listen to my customers. Instead of telling my customers that CampfireSocial is the right platform for them, I listen to their feedback and help them understand how CampfireSocial can help solve their problems.

A sales call is considered successful if I leave with at least one key lesson.

It may not be suitable for everyone, but that’s okay.

How do you overcome Failure?

When I founded Pet Gotcha Day! I talked to many shelters and rescues about the business idea.

I heard that they loved the idea, needed it, and would use it.

So I created it. Guess what? It wasn’t used. This was my attempt to pretend I knew the product-market fit.

In reality, I didn’t ask enough questions and tried to retrofit an idea in an industry without a real need.

Lesson learned! I flipped the picture and reworked it, and Pet Gotcha Day was born! It is now a successful non-profit.

I founded CampfireSocial after I did extensive research.

I also conducted more profound customer research and tested the product to ensure it met a real need. Pet Gotcha Day!

My experience has taught me that product-market fit is difficult, but when you believe and trust your brand, you can pivot and learn, and eventually, the right fit will be found.

What’s your recent best buy? ​

While I love to travel, COVID and CampfireSocial have meant that I have not had the time to take care of myself or leave my home in over a year.

Although technically, I paid more than $100, I booked an Airbnb on a llama farm.

I thought it would be a good idea to enjoy the simplicity of living in a barn with llamas nearby to play with.

It was beautiful and refreshing to see them.

Which book would you recommend?

The Originals by Adam Grant. This book showcases the achievements of people who had new ideas and how they overcame obstacles to create change.

This book is for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to influence others at work.

It will inspire you to be a champion for ideas and to take action to make them a reality.

​What’s your favorite quote?​

Failure is Impossible by Susan B. Anthony (see below) and Patience Persistence and Perspective from Dr. Catherine Kleinmuntz (all necessary when launching new products — it’s easier to be patient and persistent, but perspective can sometimes be challenging to grasp.

It would help if you questioned your perceptions. Mentors and advisors can be helpful in this regard.

TL;DR by Erica Bishaf

-Leap! You will find courage and confidence by taking risks and overcoming challenges.

It will all come together. Please do not wait for the perfect time. It might never come.

Master the art of listening. People love being heard.

A good listener is a key to leadership and business success.

Listen with openness and understanding. This will allow you to gain new perspectives, identify growth opportunities, and improve customer service.

-Assemble people that will encourage and support you.

You should seek out people who will keep you on track and give constructive criticism.

Don’t be afraid if you want to increase your support network, to reach out to those you admire via social media.


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