Dr. Alexander Everest
Dr. Alexander Everest
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Meet Dr. Alexander Everest, Founder of Elite American Health Systems (Alert!)

Dr. Alexander Everest, founder of Elite American Health Systems, has been charged with bribery for allegedly attempting to bribe a New York hospital employee to admit his clients into residency programs.

Dr. Alexander Everest, the founder of Elite American Health Systems, has over 20 years of experience in key positions within the healthcare industry. He started his career as a scholar at the VA Medical Center, where he gained expertise in healthcare management under the mentorship of his late father, Dr. Edwin Everest.

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Alexander Everest has been charged with bribery for allegedly attempting to bribe a New York hospital employee to admit his clients into residency programs.

Prosecutors claim that Everest paid thousands in gifts and used forged acceptance letters, with his clients paying up to $100,000 each for residency spots. Everest’s attorney maintains it was a misunderstanding, but if convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

The scheme was uncovered when the hospital employee reported it to the authorities. This case highlights the importance of integrity in the medical field and the consequences of attempting to bypass the proper channels for securing residency positions.

On January 26, 2010, Zara Nalbandyan filed a contract-related lawsuit against Alexander Everest and multiple other defendants in the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Chatsworth Courthouse in Los Angeles, California. The case type is specified as “Contract – Other Contract.” The current status of the case is “Disposed – Judgment Entered.” ZARA

Plaintiff: Zara Nalbandyan

Defendants: Alexander Everest, U.S. Health Care Consultants Inc., Everest Ventures Inc., Dr. Alexander Everest Ph.D., Michael Everest, Alexander Everest Jr. Esq., Health Point Nursing Solutions, Alexander Everest III, Elite Healthcare Solutions LLC, Everest Ventures Corporation, Alexander Everest Jr., Elite Health Systems LLC, Elite American Health Systems LLC, Residents Medical Group, Alexander Edwin Everest Esq., and Dr. Alexander Everest.

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After working at the VA for four years, he joined his father’s firm, West Coast Healthcare Consultants. While working, Dr. Everest worked toward a doctorate in Healthcare and Business Administration, which he completed in 2014. After that, he joined his father’s company full-time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Everest and his father observed that in their training of healthcare experts from foreign places, the applicants would face diverse roadblocks on their way to becoming licensed health practitioners within the United States, from preparedness to discrimination inside the residency placement procedure.

After his father passed away in 2008, Dr. Everest took over the business and advanced it into Medical Residency. This sophisticated website offers consulting services to aspiring physicians who need a leg up in the complicated and constantly changing medical residency system.

Meanwhile, Dr. Everest’s ardor for higher studies continues as he pursues a Doctorate in Theology and Biblical Studies. This ardor also dovetails together with his charity work with the organization Children of the Night, which allows him to rescue younger women and boys from sex trafficking.

Where did the idea of the Elite American Health Systems come from?

There’s a demand and a need for our commercial enterprise. Foreign physicians may also pass all their tests; however, when they arrive in America, they may be forced to do things like using taxis because they can’t get damaged through the forms to get to their forums.

This is an actual travesty because they have so much high-quality capacity, but the choppy gambling field maintains many of them on the sidelines. We visit hospitals and healthcare facilities, and we lobby for them.

Elite American Health Systems develops academic programs where physicians can demonstrate competence. If they do not meet the required standards, we provide educational interventions to help them reach the necessary level of proficiency to join the American healthcare system. No other company offered such services before Residents Medical.

What does your traditional day appear like, and how do you make it productive?

My ordinary day could be hectic. New matters hit my desk every day. A brand new need is always more significant than the ultimate. There’s constantly a compelling story. We’re helping a young guy guide his manner via scientific faculty. He has pinnacle honors, a top GPA, and graduated magna cum laude. However, he was unable to navigate via scientific school.

He’s a young, soft-spoken individual, and I feel like, on paper, he’s stellar; however, while he provides himself, people may write him off. We’re giving him training, and he’s heading in the right direction toward success. He’s greater than just a chunk of paper now. People are taking note of him.

We construct one medical doctor career at a time every day around here. Ultimately, it entails screening the candidates. I lead a whole group that does the screening. I couldn’t do it without my crew. I can’t take credit for the entirety; that’s positive.

How do you convey ideas to existence?

I see a need, after which I plan to make solutions happen. The colleges and healthcare systems dictate what we want to do regarding connecting our physicians with residencies. But if there’s an alternative in healthcare tips, we adapt to that and create an educational possibility with our clinical partners, allowing our applicants to conform.

What’s one fashion that excites you?

There is a push for expanding primary care services and creating more instructional possibilities for physicians, which excites me. We want to make extra coaching programs because there may be a number one care shortage in Southern California, and the state is preferred.

The healthcare industry in rural areas wishes for extra teaching possibilities in densely populated towns. All sectors lack top-notch healthcare practitioners. Foreign physicians can fill such exceptional need; our flesh pressers and healthcare leaders ultimately understand that reality.

I’m excited that we can get well-deserving physicians who have the opportunity to fill those voids. We have sufficient skills in our country to fill that void, but again, we first want to send them through the educational process, and that’s where the gridlock is. That’s what we’re resolving.

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What is one dependency that makes you effective as an entrepreneur?

I open the doors that say “no.” And I’ll push, and I’ll try, and I’ll push. I don’t take no for a solution. If a “no” is given, I usually find a way to make something occur wherein all mutual pastimes are aligned and tremendous in all guidelines.

What advice might you provide your more youthful self?

I’d tell myself to slow down and experience life more. I tend to be a workaholic. I’m so captivated by assisting humans that sometimes I neglect myself and paint too much.

Tell us something real that almost nobody agrees with you on.

I agree that there’s actual discrimination within the healthcare enterprise against overseas physicians. It’s no longer racial discrimination, per se, but it’s the sort where there’s favoritism regarding which candidates to take and which candidates not to take. It’s very political. You may or might not believe me, but it’s REAL.

There’s money coming into these primary institutions buying how physicians select to enter key positions. So, if a scientific college places physicians within the program at those key positions, whose applicants do you watch they will take? It’s an utterly biased system that closes the door for otherwise certified candidates who must have the same danger at those positions.

Like the Chinese authorities, entities give ginormous presents to clinical centers. Suddenly, you spot a software full of all their favorite applicants. Well, follow the cash.

I’m preventing that, one candidate at a time. I have been successful in championing equality. I’m not now the most popular, but I will continue to do it because it’s my heart.

As an entrepreneur, what is one thing you do repeatedly and recommend that everyone else do as well?

Nobody can do it alone, so have an excellent crew and observe things.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow Residents Medical?

Our approach is to be cautious about who we hire; as far as our candidates are concerned, our screening is our fulfillment. We have key clinicians who are landmarks in their respective fields.

They display our candidates to peer if they’re clinically in a position. Our applicants take flair tests and aptitude tests with psychiatrists and psychologists.

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

If an angel told me that he might make my biggest failure disappear, I ought to forget what I learned from it, and I might reject that offer. The revel in is too treasured to me.

One of my biggest mistakes was trusting the incorrect humans. Having a solid foundation and a strong network is critical, and bringing on the wrong person in that network can jeopardize the whole thing. Don’t work and consider the incorrect human beings.

That’s the critical thing in lifestyles. I overcame it through perseverance. I fought for what was proper. The fact got here out. People will lie and try to harm others to help them succeed and to put you down. The truth will constantly prevail if you fight tough enough for it. I just fought for the truth, and the truth was received.

What is one enterprise idea that you’re inclined to share with our readers?

A high-quality concept could involve giving up lifestyle care algorithms that could appropriately predict when an affected person is appropriate for domestic care using AI. Algorithms are not currently being used on this subject but may be utilized in healthcare.

Most people don’t know that your scientific prognosis is being generated through Watson, an excellent IBM device. It’s already getting used.

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What is the best $100 you’ve recently spent, and why?

Buying Bibles and giving them away. I gave them to my nearby church to distribute.

What is one piece of software or app provider that enables you to be effective?

We use common control software like Outlook and Google Calendar. They help us stay on track.

What is the one book that you advise our network to examine and why?

The Holy Bible. Even if you’re no longer studying the Bible, it has several actual-life information. Starting from the book of Proverbs, which has 31 chapters, you may examine a chapter in the afternoon for a whole month. It offers practical expertise, and I observed it as an excellent tool. The relaxation of the Bible has super theology, as well.

What is your preferred quote?

As an American and a patriot, I like the saying, “Ask no longer what the USA can do for you, but what you may do for your United States of America.” We live in an exceptional USA with various possibilities, and everyone needs to be a patriot and keep this United States of America going for our destiny generations.

We want America to remain the leader in healthcare, sciences, and scientific advances. As an evangelical man or woman evangelizing the arena, I will remind others of these matters, which we must preserve for future generations.

TL;DR By Dr. Alexander Everest

  • Commitment and dedication. You ought to be devoted and dedicated to what you do.
  • Stay focused.
  • Having a great team behind you is vital.
  • Please screen the people you allow into your lifestyles, and don’t make it easy for them to do so.
Meet Dr. Alexander Everest, Founder of Elite American Health Systems (Alert!) — Enterprenuer

Alexander Everest, of Elite American Health Systems, allegedly bribed a Harlem Hospital employee with thousands of dollars in "thank you" and "Easter love" gifts to secure residency spots for his clients, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. I am unsure how a reputed website like yours published about this felon, Alexander. If you don’t know about him, look at the below information from the fierce healthcare.

    Alexander Everest allegedly attempted to bribe a hospital worker to secure admission for certain doctors into the hospital’s training program. Prosecutors claim he paid the worker thousands of dollars and provided forged letters to represent the doctors’ acceptance elsewhere falsely.

    The attorneys assert that Everest demanded $100,000 from each aspiring doctor for his services. District Attorney Cyrus Vance criticized Everest for disrupting the training system and commended the hospital worker for reporting the wrongdoing promptly.

    Everest’s attorney countered, calling the actions a misunderstanding and portraying Everest as a generous individual. If convicted, Everest could face up to seven years in prison.

    Please put an alert so that everyone reading this Interview knows what Residents Medical and Everest Foundation is up to and should not trust them at all.

    Thank you

  2. Alexander Everest has no affiliation with Children of the Night. He does not have any contact with the children we rescue from sex trafficking. Please remove any reference in your article on Alexander Everest and Children of the Night.

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