Meet Anne Storie CEO of Modo Bio

June 25, 2022
5 mins read

Anne Storie is the CEO of Modo Bio, an app for health and wellness that connects you to your wearable health data and your health care team-all within one platform.

Your doctor and your health are all just a click away. The platform lets users manage their health by integrating and sharing their health information via wearable technology like Fitbit, the Apple Watch, Oura Ring, or Fitbit, and a medical practitioner.

Anne is in charge of establishing Modo Bio’s organizational organization, its operational workflows, and the strategic plan.

In the past, Anne served as CEO of Waystone. This financial service company offers a wide array of risk, governance, and compliance services to institutions, investors, investment funds, and asset managers.

They have assets under management that total over $1 trillion.

Where did the inspiration for Modo Bio come from?

Modo Bio co-founder Jack Williams was in Asia studying technological advancements in wearable devices, at the core of why they’re produced in China.

Wearable devices are evolving yearly and have more capabilities than ever. Jack, who was self-described as an “IT guy,” and his roommate, a top-of-the-line personal trainer Parker, began asking themselves questions about what was happening using the data collected by wearable devices.

Where is it going, and who is profiting from the information points? This is the way Modo Bio came into existence.

They wondered if we could use the data collected by our wearable devices and share it with family members or friends and begin thinking about preventing disease instead of treating it.

What would your typical day take? How can you maximize your productivity?

My day begins with a quick trip to the bus stop for my kids to go to school. I am adamant about getting some exercise in this way, and it is something I can do before the start of my morning.

It helps me feel more energetic and keeps my brain working. When I’m done exercising, I’m eager to return to my desk, dive in, and start my day.

I keep a list of things to do that I check every single day. It is comprised of two columns, both long-term and short-term projects.

It’s a pleasure to cross off a task that I’ve accomplished physically is a great feeling! My team is remote, so I ensure that we check in through video.

I think that face-to-face communication is essential. Every day I think about how I can assist my team.

What is the most challenging thing you’re currently working to solve? What is the most important thing we have to achieve? Making sure we’re in line with what we’re trying for.

I make sure that I have breaks throughout the day. It usually involves going for walks. It helps me focus.

How can you bring ideas to the world?

I am thinking about the particular person and how they might consider the idea beneficial.

Our team began the process of creating Modo Bio by focusing on the actual end-user and end-user. What would their typical day appear like? What are their interactions with the concept or technology?

So, what are the main issues for users? What are the major pain points for the service provider? What are their names? What are their interactions using this tech? What do they use their wearables for? What is their primary goal? What’s their objective? They are removing the theme and focusing on the user.

What’s one thing that you are excited about?

I’m enthusiastic about the latest technology in healthcare and where it’s headed. In times of crisis, there is incredible innovation.

The Pandemic is a catalyst for health technology innovation. Not only can this kind of technology reduce the cost of healthcare, but it’s also a patient-centric approach.

I’m also thrilled about the future of wearable technology. In addition to The Oura Ring, Apple Watch, and Fitbit, These devices will continue to get more advanced. I’m excited about the possibilities that this brings to Modo Bio.

What’s an action you take that helps you be more efficient as a business owner?

I’m comfortable taking on tasks I’m unsure how to accomplish. I research, study, and try to find how to understand better.

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s always trying to change and to learn in new ways.

Which advice do you impart to an aspiring young person?

I was convinced I needed to be perfectly qualified and tick every box before even considering moving to the next level or position.

This isn’t the case. I would have known when I started my career that I didn’t have to check every box to be considered for a particular job.

It is possible to learn through experience and use the resources you have.

Let us know something you believe is confirmed that nearly no one agrees with you.

There is no need for advanced degrees. I didn’t get an MBA, and I don’t possess a master’s degree or accounting designation.

I don’t have any legal education that is unique in the field I am from.

Instead of following the typical route, I learned everything I had to learn at work.

In your role as an entrepreneur, what’s the one thing you’ve done every day and suggested everyone else do?

I read every single day. For me, it’s essential to study case studies of other businesses that have experienced successes and challenges to help me understand what is required for my own company.

It is crucial to know what companies did wrong in their growth. I’m always reading as much as I can about the latest trends in my field.

What strategy has allowed you to grow your company?

Make sure that the right people are in the right places. I’ve always been focused on the strengths of an individual rather than their weaknesses.

Your job becomes much simpler if you’ve got a solid group of people around you and you have a strong team.

If you’re constantly trying to patch the weak spots or plug holes and holes, it’s just not working.

What was one of the mistakes that you experienced as an entrepreneur? And how did you get over it?

At first, I made the mistake of thinking that everyone should support me or accept my choices; I was afraid of causing upset or people “being mad at me.”

I realized that as CEO, I had to make many choices that people weren’t happy with and couldn’t understand or even agree with, etc.

I quickly realized it was the primary thing- the only important thing was that they respected my decisions.

It took me some time to realize that not everyone understood my reasoning; they were required to respect my leadership qualities as an authority figure.

What’s one business concept you’re willing to share with the readers?

Focusing on technology that makes the lives of ordinary users more convenient is the best way to go in the future.

This doesn’t have to be a requirement to be related to healthcare, but any new technology can alleviate a problem in a person’s daily life.

What was the most memorable $100 you’ve spent recently? What is the reason?

I purchased an account with The New York Times and read it daily.

It’s excellent for reading on-the-go recipes or staying informed about the latest technology, healthcare, and money.

It was a surprise to me, and I loved it!

What is the one application or web service that can help you be more productive?

I am using a Cozi application to keep my children in touch, work, family, and everything I have to complete.

It helps me remain organized as a busy mother, and I ensure that everything gets completed.

What is the best book you recommend for your community to read, and why?

Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It’s helpful in your personal life, professional interactions, and everything else.

What is your most cherished quote?

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

I try my best to step outside of my comfort zone, and it’s gratifying when I succeed at an assignment I was hesitant to complete.

What Key Learnings “Anne Storie” could offer to Enterprenuer readers?

It would help if you took on projects you’re unsure what to do. Study, research and challenge yourself to finish it.

Take breaks throughout your workday to maintain your focus. Go for a walk!

There’s no need to tick every box. You can be able to learn and apply your resources throughout the process.

Look at a person’s strengths and not at their weaknesses.

Do something every day that you are scared of.


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