Meet Vladimer Botsvadze Advisory Board Member of RETHINK Retail

May 12, 2022
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Vladimer Botsvadze Advisory Board Member of RETHINK Retail
Vladimer Botsvadze Advisory Board Member of RETHINK Retail

Vladimir Batsvadze, a multi-award-winning digital transformation and social media expert, Fortune 500 consultant and thought leader, futurist, and professor, is a global-recognized speaker, keynote speaker, and mentor to C-suite executives and media personalities.

He has been at the forefront in fast-paced, dynamic industries.

With over 15 years of experience in international marketing and innovation, he has a track record of helping executives and top brands drive growth and change and position them as market leaders in their respective industries.

He is a top-notch technology professional and is widely recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in digital transformation.

He has a stellar career and plays a vital role in maximizing the success of top brands.

Vladimir, who has been a RETHINK Retail Advisory Board member in Orlando, Florida, is dynamite.

He was elected to the Digital Revolution Awards in UK and Stevie Awards NYC.

He currently serves as a member of the Marketing Judging Committee for the American Business Awards.

Vladimir was featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Irish Tech News (Ireland), World Biz Magazines, Insights Success Magazines, Authority Magazines, and other media outlets.

He has won numerous awards for his contributions to marketing. He is currently ranked No.

Thinkers360 ranked him as the No.1 Global Marketing Thought leader.

Insights Success Magazine has named him among the Top 10 Inspiring Business leaders Making a Difference in 2022.

RETHINK Retail ranks him among the Top 100 Global Retail Influencers.

Onalytica and Retail Insight Network have recognized him as a thought leader.

His consulting, speaking, teaching, and startup advising have helped companies grow from innovative to successful.

Vladimir has a diverse resume that includes roles as a global keynote speaker and an advisory board member.

His experience transforms brands, builds businesses, and is a game-changer.

Vladimer is a dedicated leader in inspiring business executives through his remarkable career success.

He used his natural entrepreneurialism and self-made influence to inspire them.

Vladimer is a global marketing thought leader, and his presence has made a significant impact on the world of marketing.

Vladimer is a sought-after keynote speaker who inspires audiences with the most recent trends in technology.

He is a motivational figure who grew his followers from zero to over 130,000 in just six years.

This was achieved by working 16 hours per day.

Vladimer’s dedication to Twitter has placed him at the forefront of innovation regarding how social media can play a crucial role in building businesses worldwide.

Vladimer assists high-performing people in reaching their business goals.

He is a prominent marketing speaker and one of the most sought-after.

He is a favorite of the global audience, from Los Angeles to Sydney.

He is a consultant to boards and executive teams at some of the most influential brands in the world.

Vladimer assists executives and entrepreneurs in seeing the future differently.

Vladimer inspires people to think outside the box and sets new standards to maximize their online success.

From where did you get the idea for your career?

I am one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. I am an actual practitioner in marketing and business.

Through game-changing growth transformations, I bring about change.

Global clients benefit from my strategic vision and priority setting.

My firsthand experience gives me insights to help brands reach their full marketing potential.

The key to a winning marketing strategy is a combination of practicality and storytelling.

I can adapt to brands’ needs and bring creativity and social media knowledge to their marketing efforts.

I assist brands, associations, think tanks, and events in achieving unimaginable levels of success.

Digital marketing strategies change constantly. Digital marketing requires a commitment 24/7/365.

This motivates my clients. I help executives and entrepreneurs build their brands.

I am a thought leader in marketing and technology. Current No. Thinkers360 ranks me as the No. 1 global marketing influencer.

I am fortunate to have met the right people at the correct times.

Brands can use game-changing strategies to create successful plans for the future.

My keynote speeches are consistently rated among the best in the world.

I’ve reached over 40 million people in 1,145 countries and 150 cities.

My speaking skills include bringing forward-thinking and future-proof strategies and ideas to events to impact people and businesses.

As an advisory board member, my role is to help boards and management teams realize the benefits of digital transformation.

Because of my passion and impact, Hype Sports Innovation hired me as a marketing mentor.

My brand has become a reality because I have done everything possible.

With my unique first-hand experience and unplanned over-delivery, I can make extraordinary changes for businesses.

As a motivational speaker, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and spoken at some of the most prestigious marketing summits around the globe, such as the Asia Retail Summit.

My ability to address audiences worldwide, encourage action and motivate people to be more confident guarantees me a lasting impression on everyone.

Forbes has named me a “social media expert,” and I pride myself.

I have had a significant impact on technology and business.

My visionary leadership and pioneering innovation are widely acknowledged.

It’s always a race against the clock when I work on significant projects.

My career moves quickly when I’m in overdrive.

My No. My No. 1 ranking in global marketing is the crown jewel.

Passion is the cornerstone to success. Because of my practicality and dedication, communication, storytelling, empathy, and communication skills, social media has helped me be recognized worldwide. My success has been an enormous step forward.

How do you make your day more productive?

I get up at 5:45 am, do my exercise before it is on the to-do list, have a good time with my family, network over coffee, work hard on high-priority business projects, and pursue a personal passion.

I published 100 pieces of content on 8-10 social media networks.

I am always looking for new opportunities to improve yesterday’s results.

Together with my executive team, I develop a strategic roadmap and ensure accountability.

Transparency around plans and expected results is vital in my work.

It is also essential to read, give yourself a break, and allow yourself time to recover and relax.

How can you bring your ideas to life?

Success is based on having a solid backbone and not on the wishbone.

I make decisions and choices that are in line with my values.

I am clear about my priorities and prioritize them. I am strong and take care of myself.

Simple things are critical to my success. Additionally, I cultivate supportive habits that help me achieve success.

I believe in exceeding your expectations.

Which trend is your favorite?

Social commerce is hugely popular nowadays. Social media is a place where people can seek information and advice and inquire about products.

According to eMarketer, social commerce will grow to $80 billion by 2025.

Increasing social media use and stay-at-home shoppers means that consumers are more likely to shop directly.

73% believe social media is beneficial for their business.

There are approximately 4.6 billion people who use social media.

55% of people purchased products via social media.

57% of people have been shopping more frequently since the pandemic.

More social media channels will soon implement E-commerce.

Which habit makes you more productive as an entrepreneur than another?

Anyone can benefit from self-discipline in all aspects of their lives.

Find your purpose and let it drive you. Your mind will be empowered to reach your goals if you practice self-discipline.

Self-disciplined people will soon surround you.

I am a determined go-getter who is highly confident.

I am forward-thinking, adventurous, and always get things done.

I can solve problems and combine innovative ideas to help people move forward.

What advice would your younger self give you?

I would advise my younger self to be active on all major social media networks.

Take action while you can, don’t leave any stone unturned, never stop learning, and strike while the iron is still hot.

We need to hear something you believe is accurate and that nearly everyone agrees.

It would help if you created your path and did not follow the crowd.

To have a clear vision of the goals you want to achieve, set long-term goals.

Daily self-education is a great way to improve your skills and add to your resume.

To be inspired by others, build your professional network, and work 16 hours to propel your success.

What is one thing that you recommend to everyone as a successful entrepreneur?

Be patient and believe in the journey.

Which strategy has been most successful in growing your business?

I impact my immediate environment. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and discovering new ideas.

I have ideas that are practical and actionable.

This is what enabled me to move mountains and hit the ground running.

To experiment with new solutions and ideas, I combine storytelling and practicality.

I can tell when a horse needs to be changed in the middle stream.

In a nutshell: I know when things need to be changed.

How did you overcome that failure as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is not without its challenges and tribulations.

My proven success formula took a lot of self-education.

I have worked hard to get it right. After learning about my market and targeted audience, I created a great website.

My website was easy to use on mobile devices.

I have taken advantage of my long-term strategy to drive results since I was first in the media spotlight.

Which business idea would you be willing to share with our readers?

D2C startups are a hot trend as they sell directly to customers without intermediaries. This results in lower costs and a greater return on investment. In the US, Millennials spend $600 billion each year. 81% of customers will purchase from D2C brands within five years. 84% of companies also relate to D2C channels with their customers.

Select a product and research your target audience.

Build your brand, connect with social media, and spread it.

Collaborate with influencers to increase awareness. Interact with customers on social channels. Stay focused.

Which was the most expensive $100 you spent recently? Which and why?

To add my achievements to Thinkers360, I upgraded my Thinkers360 plans.

1 Global Marketing and Social Media Thought leader. It’s always a positive step to take care of my global rankings.

Which piece of software or web service can you use to help you be more productive?

Thinkers360 is the largest marketplace for B2B thought leaders, influencers, and thought leaders.

This tool allows brands to connect with top experts.

It allows thought leaders to join the global leaderboards, display their portfolios, and identify opportunities to increase their impact and transform brands.

Which book would you recommend to our community? Why?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorite books.

It inspires readers to fall in love with their entrepreneurial journeys.

Which quote is your favorite?

“Formal education will make you rich; self-education will make you wealthy.”

Jim Rohn

True entrepreneurs know that success does not come to them; they must work hard to earn it.

You can keep your momentum up and continue to grow by self-education.

Long-term, hard work is what makes the most successful businesses.

What could the Key Learnings “Vladimer Botsvadze” offer to Enterprenuer readers?

Words are not enough. Actions speak louder than words.

It is more important to do what you say than what you do.

From little acorns, tall oaks are born. From humble beginnings, great things can be achieved.

It’s never too late to strike while the iron’s hot. Do not put off what you can do right now.

Be in control of the future and move with it. Take control of your business and be your boss.

Good luck is only possible with diligence. Hard work brings rewards.


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