Meet Samia Gore Founder of Body Complete Rx

May 4, 2022
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Samia Gore Founder of Body Complete Rx
Samia Gore Founder of Body Complete Rx

Samia Gore is the founder and CEO of Body Complete Rx. She is one of the most prominent Black female-owned nutritional supplement businesses in the highly competitive industry.

After the birth of her fourth baby, the healthy lifestyle advocate, author, and entrepreneur set out on a weight loss quest.

Mother and wife, both very busy, sought organic options that would give her more energy and stop her hunger pangs.

She looked everywhere for plant-based products that could help her live a healthier life and aid in self-care.

Body Complete Rx was born out of frustration at not finding what she needed in the marketplace.

Gore launched her company in 2017 and was able to transform her social media site into weight management and body brand that provides tools and tips for women.

Her company has grown steadily with her loyal fans, most recently shifting from a weight-management-focused business to an overall focus on health and well-being.

Body Complete Rx is now a lifestyle brand that offers a holistic approach to healthy living.

The self-funded company, which women started for women, has seen millions in sales and the endorsement of celebrities such as LeToya Lueckkett and Kenya Moore.

It has a full range of plant-based products, apparel, and supplements to help customers feel their best.

From where did the idea of Body Complete Rx originate?

My wellness journey led to the creation of Body Complete Rx. I was a busy mother, author, and wife.

I wanted organic options to give me more energy and reduce my hunger pangs.

I couldn’t find the answer I sought, so I started my own business, Body Complete Rx.

How do you make your day more productive?

My typical day starts by focusing my first few hours on self-care. I don’t check my emails when I wake up.

Instead, I make it my priority to train every morning with a trainer.

After I finish my workout, I am ready to start my workday.

I make a list of daily goals and tasks, check my email, then check in with my team to see if there are any meetings scheduled for the day.

Each day is different as an entrepreneur. Some days I have back-to-back meetings, while on others, I am developing products with our chemical engineer.

I ensure that I put away all work-related items at the end of each workday and spend quality time with my family and children.

How can you bring your ideas to life?

My ideas come to life when I start with a thought or a concept.

Many, if not all, of the products I’ve created are extensions of me and things I needed but couldn’t find.

To bring an idea to life, you first need to identify the customers’ needs and determine which nutritional supplements could help them.

Next, I meet with chemists and reach out to labs to find a solution.

After the laboratory creates the product, I rigorously test it before market.

Which trend is your favorite?

The universal emphasis on self-care is a trend that I find very exciting.

It is so satisfying to see people making an effort to improve their lives and take better care of themselves.

There is a renewed focus on mental, physical, and overall well-being.

It’s something I hope isn’t a trend, as it should be!

Which habit makes you more productive as an entrepreneur than another?

Every evening, I practice meditation and grounding.

These two things make me more productive as an entrepreneur.

They allow me to sort through the issues I am dealing with today and then sleep.

This allows me to have the mental space and freedom to deal with new challenges or problems the next day.

What advice would your younger self give you?

If I had to give any advice to my younger self, it would be to check in more often with myself.

It’s easy to get caught up in busy schedules, never-ending to-do lists, and personal obligations.

Then, you fall asleep at night, wondering how or when you did it all.

I wish I would have made it a habit to check in with myself more often earlier.

It is incredible how a simple 5-minute check-in with yourself each day can make a difference in your mental health.

We need to hear something you believe that is true and that nearly everyone agrees with.

Adults only need to sleep for 7-8 hours each night, but I don’t believe that! I need at most 10 hours of sleep every night.

What is one thing that you recommend to everyone as a successful entrepreneur?

I recommend it to other entrepreneurs, and it is something I do.

While I can be tempted to make many decisions, I always trust my gut.

Don’t be afraid to trust yourself. You know your business better than anyone.

Listening to your gut is the best way to improve its accuracy and power.

Which strategy has been most successful in growing your business?

Body Complete Rx has grown by establishing the brand in a niche market.

My brand is for women of color, especially women of color, in a heavily male-dominated sector in the nutritional supplement industry.

This niche is not something you see in the health supplement industry. We have grown the business by focusing on it.

How did you overcome that failure as an entrepreneur?

Although I’ve faced many challenges as an entrepreneur, I wouldn’t classify them as failures.

I’ve learned something from every one of them, which has helped me grow as an entrepreneur.

Which business idea would you be willing to share with our readers?

I’m creating an ” Errands ” app that allows you to hire/pay people to do errands on your behalf.

It will be similar to TaskRabbit but for personal errands.

You could hire someone to help you drop off your mail or pick up your dry cleans.

Which was the most expensive $100 you spent recently? Which and why?

Alo Yoga high waist leggings were the best $100 I spent recently.

These are the most comfortable yoga pants I’ve ever owned! So comfortable!

Which piece of software or web service can you use to help you be more productive?

I use an app called “I Am” that sends daily affirmations to my phone.

Positive affirmations and subconsciously fighting negative thoughts help me be more productive and happier.

Which book would you recommend to our community? Why?

Phoebe Lapine wrote ” The Wellness Project – How I Learned To Do Right By My Body, Without Giving up My Life.”

This writer will take you on a journey with her to discover what made her feel well.

It’s simple and easy to improve your health.

Which quote is your favourite?

“Que sera, sera” Also means “Whatever will become, will become.”

Doris Day’s

What are the Key Learnings “Samia Gore” could offer to Enterprenuer readers?

Be confident in yourself. Listening to your gut is the best way to get accurate and robust information.

Regularly check in with yourself. It is incredible how much a simple 5-minute check-in can make a difference to your mental health.

Do not consider mistakes “failures,” as there are lessons to be learned from everyone. Instead, look at them as opportunities you have overcome.


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