Meet Naz De Bono, Founder of Xali

July 2, 2022
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Naz De Bono Founder of Xali
Naz De Bono Founder of Xali

For Naz De Bono, who is 50 in health and fitness, it’s not been just a profession. It’s an inherent passion for fire in the belly.

Passion for the physical body inside her and the desire to help others reach their peak in physical health.

After a childhood of being unsatisfied with sports, Naz turned to personal training to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of her physique and her mind and how to deal with these challenges to get maximum performance from herself every day.

For more than two decades, Naz was a trainer and trained with specialists in the field of nutrition, fitness as well as mindfulness specialists to complete the work and gain lessons.

It was a time a few years ago when Naz experienced her own sad and confusing experience with Perimenopause along with Menopause.

Naz decided that she had to merge her expertise with her personal experience to lead the development of Xali and create an inclusive, safe community for women to have access to.

Naz’s approach to training, the XALI method, isn’t to make you push yourself to the edge of your limits nor drag you through the levels until you are injured or exhausted.

Instead, she will be aligned with your goals and goals and will be there for you at every step of the process.

What was the source of the idea for Xali came from?

When I began experiencing menopausal symptoms, my entire world turned upside down. Things that worked in the past for me did not anymore.

Even my 14-day challenges resulted in results and gave me a great feeling but didn’t have the same effect any longer.

There were a lot of fitness apps that could be excellent; however, they didn’t seem to help women like me.

I wasn’t sure who I would be every day when I woke up. In addition, I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which means I’ve had many injuries and ligament and tendon tears, which my doctor has confirmed were worsened by menopausal symptoms.

The more I studied, the more I realized that there was nothing available that could address my ever-changing feelings (hormone emotion!) Then I set out to create a platform (New Beach) that could serve with a routine based on how you would like to feel!

Xali is based upon the understanding that our bodies require many things. It is essential to be flexible within our training, but at the proper amount.

It is essential to have strength, cardio, Recovery, Pilates, Power, and Yoga. I was looking to create an algorithm for each stage of females with various goals.

I wanted to provide them with a six-week training program focused on the needs of all women for energy, healthy longevity, and joyful moving.

What does your day-to-day routine take? How can you maximize your productivity?

I’ve always been an early riser. The best work I do is completed in the morning before the rest of the world awakens.

Before hitting the fitness center, I would grab my cup of coffee and a massive glass of water.

After perimenopausal changes, I’ve modified my routine to suit me and have taken more time to outline my goals.

This has been crucial due to my menopausal body, which is more susceptible to joint discomfort.

Before I open my eyes, I take some slow diaphragmatic breathing while I repeat the simple serenity prayer.

Then I let my dog out to run around, then boil the kettle and turn on the machine to make my double shot espresso.

A quick body scrub stimulates lymphatic circulation when time permits showering, ending with a cold blast, and after that, 1 liter of warm water and one teaspoon of quality sea salt. See what my XALI-adapted exercise routine is while drinking my cup of coffee.

Workout wherever I’m at, I make sure that I have a place ready to exercise in the morning that makes it much more enjoyable! Walk around and listen to podcasts or tunes.

I then get together with the group and go through the team through Wimhof breathing exercises and visualization each Monday to get us all set for the next week.

I built my team of women out of the love of God, and we are all quite spiritual, which is why I’m able to show my woo, or whatever we like to call it!

I meet with every person on my team, and we talk about the issues that need to be resolved or addressed for the day, and then all systems move to make changes to the platform.

How do you bring your ideas to the world?

I love that you are asking this because I know that my most creative ideas come when I’m moving instead of sitting.

She is walking, cycling, or performing an intuitive workout.

I always record voice notes that I keep for future reference since stopping to write things down can interrupt my flow.

I utilize otter.ai to convert my recordings and convert them into Word documents.

I have a close relationship with my husband Leo, who is an incredibly analytical mind and a brilliant intellect.

It is a fact that I am constantly irritated because he is always asking questions and forces me to take a look at each idea from every angle.

This can cause the process to be extended. However, my attention to detail has increased dramatically.

This can be uncomfortable for two young daughters who feel that they are always chatting at the table.

When I start developing exercises and programs to use with XALI, it could take months.

The process starts by writing down the basic outline of my workout using my iPhone or on a piece of paper.

Once I’ve tested the workout and reached the feeling good test, the movement is written down on the A3 size post-it note and hung on the wall in our home. Each exercise is color-coded. I think in colors.

I learn in color. It may not be apparent to everyone, but it is how my thoughts are brought to life.

Every workout is planned using music. By creating playlists for each, I am confident that I will be able to perform and film the activity using the appropriate tempo and emotion for the specific XALI woman I’m making it for, so it’s an emotional platform custom-designed for women.

What’s one thing that fascinates you?

Which of! But not as rigidly. The first time I tried it, I wasn’t a fan very as much. It seemed very masculine in its intensity.

Then I met a remarkable human being at any of the many retreats I regularly attend to reset my mind.

He brought a calmness to his heart, emotion, and surrender to the point that it became more about breathing exercises and offering to the cold. In contrast to the rage I’ve always felt before.

I’ve never been a fan of the cold. I’m Egyptian, and I love to soak in the sun and feel its warmth upon my face, but after I experienced the benefits to my joints and body, I decided to incorporate it into my self-care routine.

While it’s winter now, I concentrate on breathing exercises, not the cold!

What’s one thing you do to help you become more productive as a businessperson?

I am remembering my WHY. There’s not much available in the area of resources for women going through menopausal and perimenopausal cycles, and I’d like to come up with an answer for this.

Like every entrepreneur, you must identify the problem and create an answer.

Which advice do you offer to your future self?

Be awestruck by your intuition. The voice in your head is your intuition. Don’t try to imitate everybody else. Don’t try to fit into the mold.

Be yourself because everyone else is just like you. Be curious about all things. Always be attentive before speaking.

I’m sure your words impact you, so choose them with care. Take care of yourself, however difficult as it may be, and you can’t be loved by anyone else until you love yourself.

Find and make connections with people who bring you joy and who can make you feel confident about yourself. They inspire you and make you think, yet don’t desire to be a competitor to you.

If you can find your tribe who are your tribe, this is when your goals and desires are realized. Be kind, always.

Share something with us that is real that nearly no one agrees with you about.

Finding anyone who agrees with my unique way of thinking about things is difficult.

There have repeatedly been arguments that I am too busy and should step back from it.

Although this could be true, I believe it’s my blindness while working on a task close to my mind (including XALI). I cannot think about or focus on any other thing.

When I am in my zone, I do not do anything else when I am at ease because I am present. People should expect this when they want to know something about me.

Being an entrepreneur, what’s the one thing you’ve done repeatedly, and would you recommend it to everyone else?

IRT integrates science and religion. It’s unlike any other spiritual practice I’ve found because it’s quick and easy. IRT has transformed my life.

I am in love with Maureen Edwardson’s work because it’s a formula for questions that awakens a part of you that recognizes your true self.

Consider IRT as a defragmenter and anti-viral program to be your supercomputer human (yes, this is who we are all!).

Why don’t I share this information with you? If we can let that part recognize who we are, to know who we are, there are no limits. You can accomplish everything you desire.

What strategy has allowed you to grow your company?

The realization that I must take on the leadership role without thinking of being the one in front is shouting “CHARGE!”

What was the biggest mistake that you experienced as an entrepreneur? If so, what did you do to overcome it?

They created an online fitness application during COVID, where every fitness center, personal trainer, and Influencer was online.

I don’t think of this as a failure but as a possibility to offer a more comprehensive service for women worldwide.

If there’s one thing COVID is teaching us, it’s that we must become more aware of the emotional part of us. This is what led to the development of XALI.

What’s your best business idea you’re willing to share in exchange for reporting on our blog?

Two things I believe one should invent or design—first, a selection of tops or shirts that are specifically designed to fit women’s bodies.

They can remain figure-hugging in a positive manner. However, it doesn’t leave makeup marks all over it after removing it.

I think that women’s clothing is made to look good, but when you remove a jacket or t-shirt, and it sways across your face, taking a lot of your makeup with it, it’s gone.

Another thing I believe should be developed a fabric which doesn’t display the white deodorant marks in black clothing.

Some deodorants claim not to show on black clothing. However, I have yet to discover one that does the trick.

Therefore, let’s reverse that notion and design a fabric that the deodorant won’t leave a mark on the material.

If you’re in the fitness industry, there are real-world problems that one must overcome!

What is the best dollar you’ve spent recently? Why?

A facial. It feels good, and I am awed by the gorgeous Parker of Aesthetica, Byron, who does it!

What is the one program or web service that will help you become more productive?

Otter.ai. I am a massive fan of podcasts. I keep a diary using the iPhone voice recorder that contains every thought that comes to mind that I can play back my recorded conversations in Word documents. I also record any talks between my instructor and me.

What is the most important book that you think to the community? And the reason why?

Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed – The Science of Inner Resonance by Maureen Edwardson.

This book instantly activates your subconscious to reveal the truth of your own identity. The author Dr. Bruce Lipton said, “Maureen’s pioneering work is vital to our Evolution.”

What is your top quote?

There is no limit to what’s possible. The word itself is “I’m Possible” by Audrey Hepburn.

What Key Learnings does “Naz De Bono” could offer to Enterprenuer readers?

Don’t be afraid to trust your gut!

Taking time to yourself and making time for your needs isn’t self-centered. It’s beneficial!

Remember your WHY every time, and remember that it’s OK to think differently than others – that makes you unique and will most likely lead to your success.


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