Meet Kristi Morris, Founder of Morris Public Relations

June 29, 2022
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Kristi Morris Founder of Morris Public Relations
Kristi Morris Founder of Morris Public Relations

Kristin (Kristi) E. Morris created Morris Public Relations, LLC, a strategic public relations company, marketing, and communications, in 1996.

With more than twenty years of corporate communications experience in corporate communications in nonprofit and for-profit areas, MPR specializes in innovative marketing, public relations, and communications across various industries, including pharmaceutical packaging, health care fitness, education manufacturing, commercial real estate, and journalism.

Morris is known for her high-end creativity and pinpoints strategy for clients. Her background in the field before launching MPR included the position of a senior marketing executive at a Columbus, Ohio, hospital as well as the award-winning strategic planning operative of the city’s economic development marketing and senior executive in advertising and PR for global technology and industrial computing company.

She is a fervent kickboxer and martial artist who is a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and was a bodybuilder in competition.

In her free moments, Morris teaches women’s and family self-defense classes for nonprofit organizations in the area.

Additionally, she is a massive fan of having time spent with her husband David, her daughter Paige, and her special-needs pet, Sophie.

Where did the concept for Morris Public Relations come from?

The idea came directly from Mike Suddendorf, my boss at the time. I was a PR/marketing executive in the Columbus hospital that was just given birth to my daughter.

When my maternity leave ended, I returned to work and missed her deeply. When I arrived at work, I would walk straight to my desk, close the door, and cry.

Everyday. One day Mike came to the doors and inquired about being allowed in. He was extremely kind and incredibly innovative. “Why don’t you start your own business?” He asked.

What? I had no idea about running a business that was my own. “Get yourself some great instructors and get started. You’ll be able to learn.” He was so confident.

It seemed daunting, absurd. It sounded daunting, far-fetched, and challenging. However, being far from my baby was more difficult.

Mike offered me seven months’ notice so that I could create an existing client base, work at home for two days per week for as long as I had my phone on throughout the day (remember those? ), and then I signed my first contract with a client. It was a rarity at the time. He was among the most respected teachers and bosses I’ve ever had.

I founded Morris Public Relations on July 8th, 1996. I’ve not looked back since.

While the company increased, I could see my daughter’s first giggle, the first steps, first nosebleed beginning in school … numerous firsts which are priceless.

What would your typical day look like? And how can you ensure that it is productive?

My day before work starts by reading my Bible and completing an easy puzzle. The day begins by checking my emails and messages.

As a professional, you must keep in touch with our customers as they prefer and reply efficiently. They trust us to provide this.

It is crucial to organize your time. The way I think about productivity is that it starts with a prioritized tasks list.

Since we work with many clients with many projects at any moment, we rank the tasks of each client based on due dates, deliverables, and the amount of time required to finish the work.

How do you bring your ideas to the world?

It’s all about the client and their specific needs. For some, it could be a session of discovery with team members to review goals, successes, and issues.

For others, it could be thinking about ideas while throwing Axes (actually very effective and enjoyable!).

Another alternative could be what we call”Grab and Gab. “Grab & Gab” – A relaxed-atmosphere group that invites participants to enjoy healthy snacks and healthy appetizers.

What’s one thing that you are excited about?

It’s the “over and above” experience. Remember, for instance, when we booked reservations or utilized calling-ahead reservations before the pandemic? All of that was ended when the bans on restaurants, so they needed to find a way to remain afloat.

They would notify patrons via text when a socially distant table was available or the time that food would be ready for delivery to their cars. So convenient!

After the shutdowns had ended, many people came to expect a high-quality experience across all aspects – food, shopping, health pharmacies. You can name it.

I love that. I love the idea that customers want more and want personalized service. This is how they should behave. It inspires us all to become better.

What’s one thing you do to help you become more productive as a business owner?

Can you pick only one? I’m a fan of a mixture of effective routines, and if I put all of them together in a single sentence, does this be considered a single thing? Let’s see. God is my boss and has been since Day 1. I pray each morning all day long.

I exercise every day for at least 4-5 days of the week and set an exact time for each day like I would for meetings.

To ensure I get the workout, I must stay active and healthy. I make regular calls with my dear acquaintance, Mary, whom I consider extremely wise and hilarious There is nothing better than laughing with a laugh as you get great advice and advice; I create lists and maintain a calendar that allows me to block out office time to get my work completed (everything is colored for easy access) And lastly coffee – I’ll take every cup of coffee!

Do you have any advice you would impart to your future self?

Ooh, good question. I’d suggest starting with the terms “no” and “yes.” When someone cannot say “no” to an idea, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t an unsound one.

Keep working until that no is something you’d like to do if you want it enough. However, “no” can be an entire sentence.

It is appropriate to use it when someone is trying to profit from you, your talents, or your expertise.

“Yes” can be scary and thrilling – at times, we must say “yes” to new experiences outside our comfort zone to ensure we can stretch ourselves and develop and add new opportunities into our arsenal of skills.

Share something with us that is the truth that virtually no one is with you about.

Calendly! “Here’s my calendar … see when I can fit you in.” oh, what arrogance. It’s easy to disguise it as a service; however, for whom?

It’s the version that schedules an honest boast. It’s about putting other people first, especially when we’re looking for their business and time. How did we lose a little bit of courtesy and ask when and what dates would be appropriate for them?

As an entrepreneur, what’s the one thing you’ve repeatedly done and would suggest everyone else do?

Okay, I need several answers (are you looking at your feet now?). Prayer is number 1. bring it to God and seek His perspective on everything.

Second, do all things with integrity and honor. Your word is an essential thing in the business world.

The public must be able to trust and rely on your word. #3 breath – Combat breathing, to be precise.

First responders employ it to maintain calm and clarity during high-intensity situations. Inhale deeply and slowly for 4 seconds, then let that breath go slow.

Repeat until you feel peace come over you. There is nothing like breathing in the fresh air and having a mind clear and calm.

What strategy has helped you expand your company?

We are standing out from the crowd. Columbus is blessed to have an incredible number of highly skilled PR/marketing professionals who are proud of what they can provide to their clients.

And they accomplish a lot. I’ve never been in any city with such power and talent. It was imperative to identify our parity plus and implement it continuously and consistently for all our clients.

What are we able to do that other companies aren’t able to do? What can we do to provide the most satisfying experience and outcomes for our clients? When we figured out the issue, word-of-mouth was pretty quick.

What was the biggest mistake that you experienced as an entrepreneur? And what did you do to overcome it?

When I joined Morris PR, I was unsure if I could stand my position on modifications to the contract and deposit/billing due date procedures.

I was worried that if I didn’t alter specific terms to satisfy client demands or if I did not reduce late fees or deposit fees, I’d be losing opportunities for accounts.

I was mistaken and quickly realized that this is a quick way to burn yourself.

What did I do to overcome the issue? Using the power of the phrase “no” and the services of extraordinary legal minds.

What business concept would you be willing to share with our readers?

It would be wonderful to have ways to remove the last bit of soap or cream out of pump bottles without the need to take off the pump and then pound the bottle onto the counter or door of the shower. Do you have any suggestions?

What is the most memorable $100 you’ve ever spent? Why?

I purchased all the ingredients to create a scratch-made birthday dinner for my dad, who had just passed 88 years old.

I am a tremendous cook, so creating everything from scratch was an absolute delight. I cooked a whole meal.

What will the best application or web service help you become more productive?

Webroot, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner. They are all necessary for this time and time: this and a great IT professional (an actual human being).

What is the best book that you think for the community? And the reason why?

The Constitution & The Declaration of Independence by the Founding Fathers and Paul B. Skousen.

Skousen dissects it brilliantly. Our founding fathers laid out their grievances, as well as the civil and human rights violations committed by the King of Great Britain, step by step, point by point.

In particular, reading both documents in tandem was a revelation; I hadn’t read them for a long time.

If someone casually reveals what they believe is correct or incorrect, legal or constitutional, it’s essential to know what the documents state and why they’re needed.

They’re beautiful, and they established the independence of the United States.

What is your most cherished quote?

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

What Key Learnings “Does Kristi Morris” could offer to Enterprenuer readers?

Family and faith first. Do the hard things that make you nervous and strive for the best.

Be aware of your physical health, so you can focus on the essential things and stay organized.

Include fun and laughter in brainstorming sessions. Try something completely different to achieve new outcomes (hence the throwing of an ax).

Over-and-above service helps us become better entrepreneurs and also better human beings.

Find your company’s parity plus Then, implement it continuously and consistently.


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