Meet Joni Rogers-Kante Founder of SeneGence

June 23, 2022
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Joni Rogers-Kante Founder of SeneGence
Joni Rogers-Kante Founder of SeneGence

President, the CEO, and Chairwoman Joni Rogers-Kante have been the driving and visionary drivers of SeneGence(r).

Joni’s idea of creating a business that gives women the chance to develop their own business, regardless of their background, age, or education level, has turned into an international success, with offices across five countries and hundreds of thousands of Independent Distributors worldwide.

What was the source of the idea for SeneGence came from?

When I divorced and gained sole responsibility for my little boy, I realized I needed to care for both of us and remain present in his daily life.

When I held him, the child would touch my face as any mother would, and my makeup would get smudge-like and flake off.

I thought to myself. Somebody should develop the first line of color cosmetics that cannot rub off and will last the entire day and make your skin healthier.

This was the reason behind creating a direct selling company SeneGence(r), and the development of our flagship product, our first, LipSense(r).

LipSense(r) will be the longest-lasting lipstick ever to hit the market and will be available exclusively through direct sales.

What would your typical day look like? And how can you ensure that it is productive?

I make sure that I’m accountable to someone else to “show up” for my first appointment in the morning of every day.

This means I’m dressed, dressed, and ready and be present for the remainder of the day, regardless of whatever may occur during scheduled meetings.

Being accountable to someone who is not me every morning has been essential in keeping me productive and moving initiatives and projects towards success, one at a time.

When I look back on the past, WOW! A vast number of projects resulted in the creation of SeneGence.

How can you bring your ideas to your

I am fortunate to work with an innovative, robust, and committed group of professionals who bring their own experience to the workplace.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in believing that “no one but me” can achieve this.

The key is to remain open to the thoughts and knowledge of others and respect their skills and talents.

Once agreements have been made within the context of the discussion, let them be the shining stars that help bring GREAT ideas to the world. In the absence of our SeneFamily, there could be no SeneGence.

What’s one thing that you are excited about?

I am enjoying all the discoveries that we’re making using technology. However, COVID triggered a focus on learning to utilize and improve the available tools to improve communication and expand and interact with our Independent Distributors and their customers. We knew that technology would serve as a way to accelerate the growth of our company and extend our reach.

I’m eager to keep exploring this field and provide additional devices to our sales teams to ensure their continued success.

However, I am awed by the fact that nothing can replace the importance of human interaction and connections. Humanity and technology go hand-in-hand!

What’s an action you take that will help you become more efficient as a businessperson?

Simple: Consistency. Some say that I am one of the dullest people in the world. However, that’s because my day is scheduled in advance, which is pre-determined in the more significant part.

I am dedicated to maintaining my schedule to allow me to lead a fulfilling and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Maintain balance and respect in relationships.

Do you have any advice you would impart to an aspiring young person?

Be in the direction you feel is true. For example, so-called “experts” or people with years of experience can make an acquaintance and claim that “they know better” or “they have the solution.”

If even a moment it is contrary to your intuition or what you have a good idea to be accurate, then thank them for their advice and let them go off on their way.

In some scientific circles, “gut” describes intuition as your second brain. My second brain is more powerful than the one that was first!

Share something with us that is real that nearly no one agrees with you about.

Many people aren’t aware that I’m able to be easily distracted.

In most cases, when something exciting or enjoyable crosses my path or arouses my interest, it will (like any other person) divert me from more severe and demanding tasks that need to be completed.

“Know Thine Own Self” is essential to maintain a calendar for your work day.

Accountability to others and accomplishing our tasks can keep these temptations at bay.

In your role as an entrepreneur, what’s the one thing you’ve repeatedly been doing and suggest everyone else do?

As I said earlier, it’s essential to be consistent! • Plan to achieve success (in each area important to you, including personal interactions). Then implement the plan!

Keep a schedule each day, set a date for success, and adhere to your program. There isn’t any secret recipe for this.

If you show up, get up. Correct the course as quickly as possible if the circumstances require the need to veer.

* Build Upon Absolute Truth – see Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich.”
It’s the way it is.

What strategy has helped you expand your company?

The best approach is continually building based on absolute truth throughout everything we do.

This is a simple but effective strategy because it does not permit us or anyone in the company to any policies, procedures, or even narratives that benefit the company but cannot endure the testing of time.

The saying goes, “the truth will ALWAYS be revealed, and nothing will stand against time unless it is done so.

How do you get to be truthful rather than be forced to reverse course and expose alternative routes that could have been more convenient? However, in the long term, the company will suffer more.

What was the biggest mistake that you experienced as an entrepreneur? And what did you do to overcome it?

There are way too many to keep track of or recall.

Being an entrepreneur in the sense of definition almost implies that failures are inevitable.

The trick is to be aware of this beforehand, not getting scared of failures and thereby sinking into a state of inactivity.

One way to achieve this is to adopt the ‘never quit, regardless of the circumstances’ attitude.

Change your mindset, review your goals, and continue to move forward.

What’s one business concept you’d like to give in exchange for our reader’s attention?

The meta-verse won’t ever go away. It’s now! Don’t get left in the dust and let your business fall behind before you get your business off the ground.

Learn and adopt technology and utilize it! Virtual reality 3D will be the next big thing in commerce.

We are in the process of developing the development of our VR store and our training platforms.

I recommend everyone consider this when looking for ways to take their company into the future.

What was the most expensive $100 you’ve spent recently? Why?

Personal: Well, considering the current gas prices, this is higher than $100. However, my family will be staying at the ranch we have in Oklahoma.

My dog, Opie, the miniature Bernedoodle, took us (drug no cost) to our house in California to join us. He is our cuddle bug. Best money spent…….

What is the one program or web service that can help you become more productive?

I’ve always had (and continue to keep) the physical calendar for personal and business appointments.

But now that we’re operating across California, Oklahoma, and other markets worldwide, Zoom, Teams, and the Outlook calendars are vital!

What is the most important book you think to the community? And the reason why?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a classic and an essential business book that I refer to often.

That’s where the concept “success is built on absolute truth” originates.

What is your most cherished quote?

Our mission statement for the company is: “Choose to live life in love and abundance – and THEN WORK FOR IT!”

What Key Learnings “Joni Rogers-Kante” could offer to Enterprenuer readers?

It is normal to make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and then move on.

Make the most of technology and what it can do to ensure continuity for your company.

All decisions should be based on the absolute truth.


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