Meet Dean Haynesworth, CEO of Black Progress Matters

April 18, 2022
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Dean Haynesworth CEO of Black Progress Matters
Dean Haynesworth CEO of Black Progress Matters

Dean Haynesworth is the chief operating officer of a minority founded, Black Progress Matters.

BPM is a non-profit organization that works to create change in businesses and organizations.

BPM still offers an ambitious incubator program to support the funding and development of minority start-ups.

With the BPM founding partner, Dean encourages them to pledge their net share to incubate minorities businesses.

Black Progress Matters has been involved in financing and launching four necessary minority-owned start-ups.

One of these is Panther Data Solutions. Dean was also a leader in sales at several Fortune 500 Medical Device companies.

What is the story of Black Progress Matters?

BPM was tasked with developing UnBiasIT’s IT tool.

We recognized the lack of black-owned tech companies and immediately began to build a partnership.

This led to the creation of PDS, a leader in data management and technology.

Unified Global Archiving and Aug developed UnBiasIT.

I try to make the most of every moment of my day.

How do you stay productive?

Every morning, I wake up at 6 a.m. and work out until 7 a.m.

I have discovered ways to turn every hour-long flight into a business meeting with my hectic travel schedule.

How do you bring ideas to life?​

Like-minded people surround me.

My belief that effort is only part of the process and that help is necessary is something I believe in.

My ideas can only be realized through collaboration.

Which trend excites you the most?

Big data can be used to predict outcomes and drive decision-making.

What habits make you productive?

My ability to overcome failure

What’s your advice for the Noob?

Be wise when choosing your partners

What is one thing we can all agree on?

Failure can open doors to new opportunities

​What do you recommend as an entrepreneur?

Ask for help from mentors and be vulnerable.

What’s your rich strategy?

Your face should be visible. People want to meet ‘YOU.

I spend hours each day making personal introductions.

Black Progress Matters is a place where people can meet me.

How do you overcome failure?

My lack of market intelligence and knowledge caused my first venture to fail.

My second attempt at entrepreneurship was a failure because I didn’t have enough market intelligence and expertise.

Can you share a business idea?

App for booking caddy. This app would be a hit with golfers.

Your caddy is an essential part of your game.

It is a universal system that allows caddies to rank, profile, manage availability, and make bookings.

This would give the Caddy the chance to grow and offer an excellent service for avid golfers.

What’s your recent best buy?

Long-shot: Whoop star. My intelligence around sleep and recovery has allowed me to be more successful.

What are your favorite Softwares or Apps?

Calendly. It’s helped me to manage my hectic schedule.

Which book would you recommend?

The Count de Monte Cristo. My favorite book. Entrepreneurs need passion in their lives.

Sometimes it is not about ‘What you d,’ but ‘Why you d..’

​What’s your favorite quote?​

“Pressure – turns coal into diamonds.”

TL;DR by “Dean Haynesworth”

Make data-driven decisions. Data-driven business decisions can make or break programs or companies.

Do not be afraid to make changes and grow structurally.

Your business’s long-term impact on the world should be your focus.


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